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Clemson University Installed A Banked Indoor Track With Mondoturf Surface

Clemson University installed a banked indoor track with Mondoturf surface

Indoor track with Mondoturf Super X 720 surface

Clemson University installed a state-of-the-art banked indoor track with Mondoturf’s Super X 720 surface in its Indoor Track & Field Complex. The Super X 720 surface was installed in the complex on a straightaway eight-lane sprint track, one high jump apron, two pole vault runways and two long and triple jump runways.

Mark Elliott, Clemson’s head coach for men’s and women’s track & field and cross country, said Mondoturf is generally recognized as the fastest surface for indoor tracks. In particular, he said, coaches and athletes consider the indoor track at the University of Arkansas, which is a Mondoturf banked track, to be the fastest in the U.S.

“Everyone wants to compete there, so we wanted to get a track like that one,” he said. “I wanted the track that is considered the fastest, and I think I’m getting that with our new Mondoturf track.”

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