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Mondoturf artificial turf systems are the closest thing to natural grass ever made. Mondoturf’s revolutionary 4Nx fibers teamed with their Ecofill infill system and fine-tuned underlayment system create the ultimate turf solution.

Mondoturf Turf 4Nx Monofilament Fiber Kiefer NE4Nx Monofilament Fiber

The improved 4Nx fiber maintains the semi concave structure with three asymmetric spines perfecting some of the features of the 3Nx fiber and providing optimized recovery and dimensional memory. The 4Nx fiber is backed with a double coating of polypropylene and polyurethane to guarantee a strong tear resistance of the fiber. Learn More

Mondoturf turf Ecofill Kiefer NEEcofill

Ecofill is engineered to duplicate the performance of natural turf from quantifiable safety and performance standards. This dynamic infill allows players to accelerate, pivot, and make traction and torso movements with similar values to those made on natural turf. Ecofill is completely free of carcinogenic substances. Learn More

Mondoturf Turf Fine Tuned System Kiefer NEFine Tuned System

Made of recycled tires triturated, treated and encapsulated sandwich-like between two polyester layers. The recycled rubber is encapsulated in polyurethane eliminating any contamination due to recycled tires. Learn More

Mondoturf Turf Classic Granule Infill Kiefer NEClassic Granule Infill

An economical infill system with unparalleled durability and life cycle costs over consistency and weather. Granulometry of Mondoturf’s Classic granule infill is to specific proprietary parameters that ensure consistency across production runs. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. Learn More

Mondoturf Turf FTS3 Turf System Kiefer NEFTS3 Turf System

Our innovative and revolutionary FTS3 Turf System sets the standard for football, lacrosse and rugby systems, worldwide. The synergy provided by the three elements which comprises the Mondoturf FTS3 system grants exceptional biomechanical conditions on the field for playing and or practicing and provides a safe alternative infill. Learn More

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