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Sentry Insurance Tennis Flooring
Sentry Insurance Tennis Flooring
Bradley University Tennis Flooring
Tennis Flooring - Camelot Park Community Center
Central College Tennis Flooring
Cornell College Tennis Flooring
Cornell College Tennis Flooring
Denison University Tennis Court Flooring
Eastern Illinois University Tennis Flooring
Hillsdale College Tennis Flooring
Lorain Community College Tennis Padel Field Turf
Tennis Flooring - McCleod County Fairgrounds
Northern Illinois University Tennis Flooring
Otterbein College Tennis Flooring
Mount Union University Tennis Flooring
St Thomas University Tennis Flooring
Sentry Insurance Tennis FlooringBradley University Tennis FlooringTennis Flooring - Camelot Park Community CenterCentral College Tennis FlooringCornell College Tennis FlooringCornell College Tennis FlooringDenison University Tennis Court FlooringEastern Illinois University Tennis FlooringHillsdale College Tennis FlooringLorain Community College Tennis Padel Field TurfTennis Flooring - McCleod County FairgroundsNorthern Illinois University Tennis FlooringOtterbein College Tennis FlooringMount Union University Tennis FlooringSt Thomas University Tennis Flooring

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Performance that will simply outmatch the competition

The most coveted words in tennis “GAME, SET and MATCH”
Tennis requires a playing field that offers an excellent biomechanical response in both player-surface interaction and ball-surface interaction. Choosing the right court surface is one of the most challenging decisions faced by tennis facility owners and managers. Most have the expectation that there is one type of surface that is preferable to all others, but that is not the case. The choice of the tennis or padel court surface depends really on what the vision of the facility is.

One surface type can’t meet everyone’s needs, so often most facilities have more than one type of surface. There is an emerging trend in new facilities toward providing multiple surface types to meet a variety of challenges in the tennis marketplace. Kiefer NE provides all types of multiple surfaces that meet all of today’s demands and trends.

Mondoturf played a key role in our success in 2009. The number and seriousness of turf-related injuries has been significantly reduced, and our student-athletes' muscles recover much more quickly than when they played on other surfaces. We also have better practices early in the week because our athletes' legs stay fresher even after a full week of practice and a weekend game. In addition, since we installed Mondoturf, our recruiting has improved. The overall beauty of the turf attracts a lot of attention from our prospects - much more than the natural grass surface we previously had.

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Our system relies on the speed of the players, and the technology behind the Mondoturf FTS system provides the stability that is necessary for that speed. We also wanted a field with characteristics that were similar to natural grass while also significantly reducing the heat factor.

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