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New Balance Fitness Club
New Balance Fitness Club
Youngstown State University Running Track Surfaces
Halas Hall Football Field Artificial Turf
Pittsburg State University Football Field Artificial Turf
University Of North Dakota
Indoor Turf University Akron
Iowa State University - Indoor Artificial Turf
University Of Kentucky
Battle Ground Academy - Indoor Artificial Turf
Lipscomb Academy
Indoor Turf Drake University
Eastern Kentucky University Rec
Middle Tennessee State University - Indoor Artificial Turf
Indoor Turf University Dubuque
University Of Iowa
University Of Memphis - Indoor Artificial Turf
Northwestern College (Iowa)
Indoor Turf Circleville High School
Homewood Flossmoor High School - Indoor Sports Floors
JD Sportsplex Soccer Artificial Turf
Soccer Field Artificial Turf Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Soccer Field Artificial Turf - Falcons Boxing Club
Soccer Field Artificial Turf - Bielenberg Sports Center
Sanford Power Center
Indoor Turf ARC Performance Fitness
Indoor Turf Healthworks Fitness
Sportsquest - Indoor Artificial Turf
Williston Rec Center - Indoor Artificial Turf
Beacon Health & Fitness
ARC Performance Fitness
New Balance Fitness ClubYoungstown State University Running Track SurfacesHalas Hall Football Field Artificial TurfPittsburg State University Football Field Artificial TurfUniversity Of North DakotaIndoor Turf University AkronIowa State University - Indoor Artificial TurfUniversity Of KentuckyBattle Ground Academy - Indoor Artificial TurfLipscomb AcademyIndoor Turf Drake UniversityEastern Kentucky University RecMiddle Tennessee State University - Indoor Artificial TurfIndoor Turf University DubuqueUniversity Of IowaUniversity Of Memphis - Indoor Artificial TurfNorthwestern College (Iowa)Indoor Turf Circleville High SchoolHomewood Flossmoor High School - Indoor Sports FloorsJD Sportsplex Soccer Artificial TurfSoccer Field Artificial Turf Glendale Heights Sports HubSoccer Field Artificial Turf - Falcons Boxing ClubSoccer Field Artificial Turf - Bielenberg Sports CenterSanford Power CenterIndoor Turf ARC Performance FitnessIndoor Turf Healthworks FitnessSportsquest - Indoor Artificial TurfWilliston Rec Center - Indoor Artificial TurfBeacon Health & FitnessARC Performance Fitness

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Our goal was to offer a new and completely innovative artificial turf field which reproduces all the characteristics of a well-maintained natural grass playing field. Research how we did!

Kiefer NE are experts at the design and installation of artificial turf. Artificial turf has become a safe, economical, durable, and popular choice for forward-thinking athletic organizations. A synthetic turf field will not only look good, it will perform and be just as safe as a natural grass field without the added maintenance costs. Kiefer NE’s artificial indoor turf products are far superior in performance and longevity to Astroturf and FieldTurf and here’s why – Mondoturf’s revolutionary and groundbreaking technologies.

Mondoturf’s unique artificial turf infill, Ecofill, provides the playability of natural grass while reducing surface temperatures. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, Ecofill is free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Ecofill is 100% recyclable – an industry exclusive.

Mondoturf’s improved 4Nx fiber maintains the excellent and successful concept of the semi concave structure with triple spines perfecting some of the features of the 3Nx fiber, which substantially improves the technical and sports capabilities of the Mondoturf artificial turf systems.

We visited several that have infill made from reground tires, and we found that the Mondoturf Ecofill field was far superior. Even on a hot day in Texas, we couldn't feel the heat through our shoes on the Mondoturf Ecofill field like we did on other fields. Plus, the Mondoturf monofilament fibers felt closest to natural grass of all the fields we evaluated. It's a tremendous total system. I have no doubt that we chose the best artificial turf field available.

Niles North High School Logo

Students love (the Mondoturf field). One of the great things about Mondoturf is that it is a top performer, even on hot days and in rainfall. Students know they are playing on a professional-quality surface.

University Of Missouri Logo

This is without a doubt the best turf we've ever played on. It's the best artificial surface out there because it is the closest to natural grass.

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