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At Kiefer Northeast, we work with several MFMA mills to offer our clients well vetted maple sports surfaces to meet any combination of needs.  This needs assessment is accomplished through a thoughtful exploration process where we approach each project with the uniqueness that it warrants because our customers deserve this attention to detail.  So whether you need a devoted floor for basketball or volleyball, dance or aerobics, or maybe a more multi-purpose surface, we will call on our 40 plus years of experience to give you exactly what you deserve – the best maple sports floor possible to meet your budget and needs! Explore below the 3 main types of maple sports floors: fixed resilient, floating, and portable.

Fixed Resilient Subfloor Systems

Wood fixed and fixed resilient subfloor systems offer a combination of stability and resilience for maple wood surfaces. Whether they’re partially or completely anchored to the concrete substrate, these systems are tailored to fit your needs.

Floating Subfloor Systems

Wood floating subfloor systems rest freely with no anchorage to the concrete substrate. Through subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, these systems’ key benefit is shock absorption and resiliency.

Portable Wood Systems

Portable Systems are designed to meet the demands of arenas, convention centers and stadiums looking for portable hardwood sports flooring. Wood QuickLock portable sports floors will provide over 15 years of performance and are designed for frequent install and removal.

Maple Hardwood Surfaces

MFMA maple is one of the most versatile flooring surfaces available, delivering safety, dependable traction and an aesthetic appeal in any setting. The MFMA is the governing body for all maple manufacturers and enforces strict guidelines for quality. Learn more »

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